Day 9 of 24 Days of Tea Tasting: Merry Mistletoe

Tea Information

White Tea

Caffeine Free

Ingredients: Apple pieces (apple, citric acid), Raisins, Hibiscus blossoms, Natural (cranberry, apple) flavouring, Cranberries (cranberries, sugar, sunflower seed oil), Cloves, Apple slices, Cinnamon sticks, Mistletoe, White tea, Rose petals, Cranberry pieces, Stevia extract.

Brewing Instructions:

Heat water to 90℃/195℉

Steep for 3-5 minutes

Tasting Notes

Sight: This tea has beautiful red undertones. The pieces vary in size, but not by too much. I can see bright pink rose petals sprinkled throughout the loose leaf. The tea steeps a deep red colour.

Smell: The loose leaf smells fruity and floral; maybe even a little tart. The ingredients of this tea all blend together to create a captivating aroma. Steeping the tea brings out the spiciness of the cinnamon and cloves. The fruity and floral scents I was picking up earlier are much more muted now.

Taste: As you may guess, this tea tastes fruity, floral, and spicy, with a hint of tartness. The subtle spiciness gives this tea a very interesting flavour profile.


⭐ ⭐ ⭐

From the beautiful colours, to the aroma, and the flavour profile, I very much enjoyed the overall experience of this tea.


I imagine this tea would be really good iced.

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