Hello friend!

My name is Kaitlyn and my pronouns are she/her. This is my blog.

Picture yourself at the age of five. When I was five years old, I remember colouring with a friend—as kids do—and wanting to add writing to the bottom of the page. Me not knowing how to write at the time settled for a few squiggly lines that imitated words, hoping that I would remember what they represented. I recall feeling frustrated that I was unable to properly communicate my thoughts.

Fast forward to second grade when my teacher allowed me and my classmates to write stories and read them aloud during snack time, and let me tell you... I absolutely loved it. I spent tons of time that year crafting stories and took pride in sharing them with my classmates. I believe that was when my love of storytelling began, and it has only continued to grow ever since.

Other things I love that you can probably expect to see on this site (in no particular order):

      • Tea
      • Baking
      • Reading
      • Learning
      • Dogs
      • Figure skating
      • Drawing
      • Photography
      • Mental health and wellness

Not to mention some posts about my personal life, like I'm a friend writing you a letter ;P

To those who face discrimination in our society,

In a world that continues to fail you and it's hard to know who to trust, let me make myself unmistakably clear:


If you've been looking for a safe space, you've found it. Never will you be discriminated against by me for simply being who you are. I'm committed to listening and doing what I can for you.

This is a promise.