Day 11 of 24 Days of Tea Tasting: Candy Cane Crush

Tea Information

Black Tea

Low Caffeine

Ingredients: Black tea, White chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, butter oil, soy lecithin, vanilla extract), Peppermint candy (corn syrup, sugar, peppermint oil, colour (red 40)), Snowflake candies (sugar, rice flour, palm and palm kernel oil, corn starch, gum arabic, cellulose gum, titanium dioxide (colour), confectioner’s glaze, carrageenan, soy lecithin, artificial flavour), Cane sugar, Peppermint, Natural (peppermint, vanilla) flavouring.

Brewing Instructions:

Heat water to 95℃/200℉

Steep for 3-5 minutes


Sight: This tea has twisted black tea leaves as its base, and pieces of white chocolate chips, candy cane, and snowflake sprinkles. The white colour of the ingredients distributed throughout the black tea leaves reminds me of snow. The tea steeps a translucent orange colour.

Smell: This tea smells sweet and minty like a peppermint white chocolate. Steeping the tea enhances the black tea aroma.

Taste: I would be lying if I said I hadn’t eaten one of the white chocolate chips at the beginning of this tasting, and I’m here to tell you that it was very pepperminty. As for the tea, it tastes like peppermint black tea with the essence of creamy white chocolate.


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Black tea, peppermint, white chocolate… You could never go wrong with this tea.


Okay, so I went to make this tea into a latte, and it started fizzing and creating air bubbles when I added the milk. I have no idea what could’ve caused that.

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